Our Mission:


Curves Rock is a Lifestyle Brand dedicated to Empowering Women and Young Girls through the art of Fashion/Beauty, Media and Entertainment! We invest our time and efforts in providing support, mentor-ship and resources to influence the lives of people in our community.


Our Mission

The mission of Curves Rock is to the change the world's ideals of beauty standards by Empowering women and young girls to Inspire to Aspire, Advocate for Self-Love and Create a new standard for Positive Body Images. 

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Curves Rock Events

Curves Rock hosts Events that will uplift the Curvy Community and create opportunities and platforms for our voices to be heard.  In the process of hosting these events we specifically cater to Empowerment through motivation via representation and Entrepreneurship through networking and brand building.



Community Service Hours

Our brand is built on our dedication to the community. In order to stimulate change you must be involved and invested completely. 



Years Serving The CurvY Community

The Curves Rock brand has been in existance for over 6 years. Each year the brand has developed and found more creative ways to engage and empower the community.



Thousand women & Girls Impacted

Via Curves Rock Fashion Weekend  Event, thousands of women and girls have come in contact with the women who represent the brand and participate in the brand events. Each encounter has made a difference.


Curves Rock Media

Curves Rock Media is a new development to the brand. We decided to expand our reach and to use different forms of media to tell our story.


CurvEs Rock Happy Hour

Join the Ladies of Curves Rock as they discussed trending topics, news and issues that affect the Curvy Community.

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Founder, Chanell-Nicole has started working on a Documentary that is sure to give an intriguing perspective.




July 2016

"There are so many different women," Holley said. "To be able to network and make friends in such a short amount of time, it makes you feel amazing. While I was there, I felt vivacious. I felt fearless. It teaches you to dream big and not to give up."

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Get Involved

There are many ways to get involved in the mission of Curves Rock. Show your support by volunteering or purchasing a ticket for one of our events.



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There are many ways to be a part of the Curves Rock Movement! We just need your time and your effort.

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When you donate, you're assisting us in continuing our community projects and events. Monetary donations are not always what we are requesting, so contact us for more information on how you can help us make a difference.